Only 58 more days

I volunteered in the classroom today.

I love watching my kid in action and talking to his classmates!  He has so many great kids in his class and they are all doing great!  I was so impressed with the sentences that they were writing.

And it was glaring obvious that my kid is not even close to caught up to the rest of the class. I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that he is going to be repeating Kindergarten but I did have some glimmer of hope that everything would suddenly click for him.

Now….sending him to school feels like I’m torturing him.  At this point I wish we could just take him out of school and start over next year.

But we’re not quitters.

Only 58 more days of school.



Bring It On

I really need some advice.

Let me give you the background. K has a daughter in Max’s class and within the first few weeks of school she started calling me and asking what my experience with the teacher had been. I told her that everything was fine and then she started telling me all of this gossip about our teacher.
She told me that parents have been trying to get her fired for years and all kinds of other garbage. I actually started to believe the trash she was talking and then Big Daddy and I realized that we didn’t SEE any evidence to back up any of what she was saying.
We distanced ourselves from her.

You may remember there was a principal meeting in October. Any and all concerns were addressed. At that point she was also complaining that she wasn’t allowed to be in the classroom observing any time she wanted. We have ample opportunity to volunteer in the classroom….but she just wanted to BE there.

Her presence is a distraction to the children and she takes furious notes when she is there. Which is a distraction to the teacher!

She was recruiting people to get a petition together to get the teacher fired. That didn’t go anywhere so we went to the accountability meeting in November and threatened the schools accreditation because the school doesn’t have an open visitation policy.

It does. It just doesn’t allow parents to visit without an appointment or a reason.

Last night was the meeting to address her concerns.

Seven of us came to support the teacher and the school. Big Daddy and another father spoke up and said that there is an underlying issue, that she has a problem with the teacher.

We all explained that there is ample volunteer time and that we’re all against her being in the classroom for no reason. My husband spoke up and said that if people have issues with a teacher that perhaps this school isn’t the right fit for them.

Today, on the playground K confronted me and called me a backstabber. I told her that we were just there to support the teacher and explain that there is ample time in the classroom. I also called her out on gossiping and turning other parents against the teacher. I told her that she is undermining her and making it difficult to teach our children and I’ve had enough of it. She wouldn’t let it go.

She did all of this in front of the other parents picking up their children and my 4 year old daughter.

I finally told her we were DONE here and walked away when the kids started coming out of class.

My friends that were standing with me were shocked that she confronted me and that she did it in front of everyone and my daughter. She should have just let it go.

We are thinking that I need to let the principal know about what happened. So that there is a record of what happened….in case she does something crazy. You never know….

What do you think?

A Clean Start?

Man yesterday was a shitty day.

We arrived at school early for our meeting and ran into the guy that runs the accountability meetings. Turns out that meeting coincides with the school district monthly meeting and people are wanting to go to both….so the meeting is being moved to next Wednesday.

I’m kind of bummed.  I really want to get this over with.

Our meeting with the teachers was also attended by the school’s instructional coach.  We met her the first time when Max was evaluated back in June before school started and she recommended that we not have him start Kindergarten for another year. We decided against that because we didn’t want Max and Ruby in the same grade together. We worried that it would lead to too much competition between them but I guess that is unavoidable.  They are very close in age and it’s going to happen.

We learned that Max hasn’t made much progress since our last meeting, that he isn’t giving answers fast enough and that he’s not paying attention at all in class.  Other students remind him when it’s his turn to do something or nudge him when his number/name is called.  His actual teacher, seemed really detached from the meeting and kept mentioning what time it was.  The meeting lasted an hour and she seemed like she really just wanted to go home.

There was an elephant in the room.  They kept giving us all of this proof of his lack of progress and making notes in his chart about what we discussed.   Finally, Big Papa asked if they would be recommending that Max repeat Kindergarten.

They all looked relieved that we brought it up.  I think they got their hand spanked when they mentioned holding kids back in OCTOBER and aren’t about to mention it anymore.  Based on how things have been going for Max….they *think* they will recommend it.  Apparently, there is a committee that looks at the kids files and makes those recommendations in April and they hold several Kindergarten spots open for these situations.  They also told us that they put these students in the full day program with a scholarship that covers half of the monthly tuition.  That was a relief.

Big Daddy and I went to Red Lobster for a drink and talked about it.  We decided that we’d rather hold him back now then down the road when he still hasn’t caught up. If we decided to send him on to 1st grade they said he would be in Special Ed Class.  I’m hoping that an extra year of Kindergarten (and a full day program) will help him get where he needs to be.

Even though I know this is the right thing to do…..I was sad.  I’ve made so many friends and I thought we’d be going through this together for the next few years.  I feel like I’ll be starting over too.

Big Papa talked to Max about it last night and told him that we wouldn’t be mad if he needed another year of Kindergarten.  He seemed relieved.

Damn it Kindergarten is hard!!


I have lots to say and they probably all deserve their own post but I can’t gather the strength to think that hard so I’m just going to vomit everything up in one.

Let’s go back and update the old entries first, before I forge ahead with new business.

The Lynch Mob

As you will recall….there is a lynch mob trying to get our teacher fired. In early November the principal had a sit down meeting with our entire class to discuss our issues.  Our only issue was that our son is rushed too much and we’d like her to slow down a bit.  Other people had issue with things that were said in the parent/teacher conference.  Like that after only 10 weeks of school…they were talking about holding their child back a year for being immature.  The person that keeps having the biggest problem with the teacher.  DIDN’T UTTER A WORD!

Then, at the November Accountability Meeting, this person brought an issue to the table that she isn’t allowed to just sit in the classroom and observe.  She doesn’t like anything that the teacher is doing and wants to sit there all day.  This is not allowed but we have ample opportunity to volunteer.

This same woman, called me every two weeks as soon as school started to tell me everything she knows/has heard about our teacher and none of it was good.  I almost believed it all.

We have a meeting coming up next Thursday to address this issue and I’m prepared to go to bat for the teacher and the school.  

Wish Me Luck!

The Holiday Party

The party went really well….even though I ended up offering to do too much and I was stressed beyond belief.  The kids didn’t really eat the whole wheat bagel with cream cheese that Sporty Spice brought but they all loved the cookies.  

DD (twins mom) tried to take over the party.  She’s a former teacher and thinks she knows everything.  I didn’t like the tone she was using with the kids.  

All in all, it was a great party and kids had a great time!

The Facebook Group

Sporty Spice and I decided to start a Facebook group for our class and it’s been great!  Except that only half the class has joined.  But….that’s okay because the people that haven’t joined…I don’t like anyway.

Valentine’s Party Drama

I knew it was too good to be true.  I attended the party meeting and all my favorite people showed up.  Sporty Spice didn’t show up because she’s pulling her kid out of school for the week to go to Puerto Rico.  This meant we wouldn’t have to serve red bell pepper to the kids and they could eat candy.

We made a plan and everyone agreed to do/buy/help out with things.  We’re a well oiled machine by this time.

I got an email two days ago with the NEW AGENDA.  Everything we discussed and agreed upon had been changed.  The Mom in charge sited *experienced moms* for the changes.  I was pissed because I recognized the extra person the email was addressed to as DD (twin’s mom).  She didn’t attend the meeting…..and I wasn’t included in any emails about changes.

The Mom in Charge approached me today to talk about the changes to the party.  She said that DD confronted her at school on Monday and asked what the plans were for the party and then had an issue with every single thing we planned.  She insisted that Mom in Charge change everything.

Yesterday, DD approached Mom in Charge about what game she picked to play and now has an issue with that!  Mom in Charge told her that SHE is now in charge of the game and to have at it.

God help me if DD’s kids’ are in Max’s class next year.

Next Year

I got a phone call from Max’s Intervention teacher.  He and the autistic kid are the only one’s still seeing her 4 times a week.  She said she needed to have a meeting with us right away to discuss *where we go from here*.  

Of course, Big Papa isn’t worried and thinks it’s just going to be more of the same.  Sending more work and telling us more we can be doing at home.

I think that they are going to request that we hold him back and repeat Kindergarten next year. The reason I think that is….conferences aren’t for another month.  They need to see us right away, because they just finished the *school lottery* and sibling enrollment and need to know if they need to hold a spot for him.

This is all speculation on my part.





Class Party Meeting

Committee chair was there for about 15 minutes to tell us what we needed to plan….and how to be reimbursed for what we spend. I’m not sure if we were given a budget because I was a few minutes late because my car was frozen to the ground and my husband hid my ice scraper.


There are 3 class parties.

AM Kindergarten
PM Kindergarten
The 2 full day Kindergarten classes.

2 parent volunteers showed up to plan the full day party. ZERO parents came for the PM class and there were 6 of us for the AM class. Everyone remarked that they’ve never seen that many people volunteer for one class.

I don’t know who’s thoughts theses were…but it was discussed that we can’t have any theme that involves Christmas, Christmas Trees, Santa or Jesus. We don’t want to offend anyone.

Some ideas that were discussed:

Sporty Spice wanted to take one of the downed trees from the storm and have a branch cut into circles, drill a hole in the top and modge podge the kids pictures onto them. These would go into a goodie bag….likely made from hemp.

She also suggested that instead of a Snowman Theme….we use a Colorado Native Woodland Animal. I’m sure if we hadn’t shot this down…it would have also been one on the endangered species list. I suggested a coyote since they’ve been attacking small children lately.

When the topic of snacks came up we all agreed on Sugar Cookies and then Sporty said that we needed some protein. She suggested broccoli and some chicken chunks. Organic….I’m sure. Has she lost her mind? Have you ever heard of a Christmas Party with broccoli?

We all agreed that the end of the party should be the reading of a story. Sporty said that she will take on the task of finding a non-offensive, non-christmas/jewish/muslim, warm hearted story. Good luck Sporty. Good Luck.

I again pushed for a private facebook group for our class. To share info and pictures. A couple of the gals said they don’t use the computer…so I guess that is out.

Sporty ended by saying….she’s so glad that we get along so well because we’ll be in each other’s lives for the next 13 years.

And then I almost spit my coffee out all over the lunch room table.

God help me Sporty. God help me.

Eventful Week

I have so much to say.

For some reason…days go by with nothing really happening and then BAM! All kinds of drama.

The Lynch Mob

So first I’m going to tell you that there is a group of parents that are very unhappy with how things are going and they cornered Big Daddy in the school yard yesterday to try to recruit him to the dark side.

The leader was making a list of grievances that she would be taking to the principal.  Here we go again!  On the list: a child not being allowed to not be in Intervention anymore and not letting a parent observe her child in the classroom.  Other people have issues too.

Parent-Teacher Conference

I was freakin out all day because I’m terrified of the teacher.  I really shouldn’t be…because she is VERY nice (to me) and she really likes Max.  I just really want her to like ME.

The good stuff:

  • His handwriting is getting much better.
  • He’s a sweet kid, kind to everyone, gets along well, participates and is helpful.

The bad stuff:

  • He daydreams
  • He doesn’t know all of his numbers (1-20)
  • He doesn’t know all of his letters. (specifically H C L R)
  • He only knows 5 letter sounds.
  • He doesn’t know all of his sight words.
  • He sometimes gives the wrong answer on purpose.

The thing is….at home, he knows all of his letters (upper and lower case) and can count to 20, knows at least half of his letter sounds and knows all of his sight words but struggles with HERE and AND.

He spends 20 minutes, 4-5 days a week with an instructor in what they call intervention. This is the person that is testing him and he is obviously not performing for her.  She said that she works hard to make him feel comfortable and he seems to be relaxed with her.  We asked him about her and he says he likes her.

I don’t know what the problem is.

I was talking with a fellow mom who works for an online school as an instructor and she offered to test him.  This is exactly what she does with her students so I know she knows what she’s doing.  I’m so thrilled that she offered!

In the meantime….we’re going to keep working hard with him at home and having another meeting in 8 weeks.

The Field Trip

There is a field trip to a farm next week and if you’ve volunteered in the classroom, you get to put your name in the jar to be picked for field trip duty. 6 people were to be selected and announced last week.

I never heard anything so I figured I didn’t get picked.

Last night, I got an email from the teacher saying I needed to be at a field trip volunteer meeting next Wednesday.  I got so excited because I thought it meant that my name had been drawn from the jar!  We were at dinner when I got the email so I told Max that I’d be going with him.

When I got home, I was emailing with my BFF and she said she got the same email. We were confused because she hasn’t had a chance to volunteer yet so her name wasn’t even IN the jar.

I sent the teacher an email asking if I’d been selected.  Turns out she sent the email to EVERYONE by mistake.

Max is sad.

Party Pooper

I went to pick up in my exercise outfit this morning.

The funny thing was that I didn’t exercise today….I did laundry.  It’s kind of exercise right?

Anyway…I looked like I was trying to imitate Sporty Spice so I won’t be doing THAT again.  Also, Sporty was driving a Prius that I’ve never seen before.  Let’s just add that to the list of things that make her likely not to be my buddy. If she puts an Obama sticker on that fucking car…it’s over! 

As I was walking back to my car SUV, my BFF pulled me aside and asked if we got an invite to a birthday party in the mail?

I said no, and asked whose party.

Apparently, The Twins (there are twin girls in Max’s class) are having a party and her daughter didn’t get an invite either.  I really don’t expect to get invited to anything because their mother (nickname alert: DD…DoubleDaughters)  has ignored me ever since the Lunch and Learn where she discovered that I’m just a high school graduate and have no skills.  This is also the Mom that complained about what time the kids were getting out because she is always late.

We even sat 5 feet away from her and her aging husband (he’s even older than MY husband) at the BBQ last weekend and she acted like we weren’t there.


So…I ask you, dear friends that have had kids in school for years…..what’s the protocol?  Are we supposed to invite the entire class?  Because when Max’s birthday comes along….I won’t be inviting everyone.  And I’m thinking now…I’ll completely keep the party a secret because someone’s feelings will get hurt.




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